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We must defend the free market

The Democrats have absolutely no solutions to create economic growth. Their policies are just plain wrong. Higher taxes, more spending, more borrowing and debt, over-regulation, and ObamaCare are failures that cause terrible pain to our economy. Real unemployment is still far too high, and underemployment is even worse. Too many people have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. College students are going into excessive amounts of debt, only to graduate into a suppressed job market.

We need dramatic change that gets the government out of the way so our economy can grow.  

That is exactly why we need a jobs bill!

Revitalizing Free Enterprise is the solution to our economic problems and to creating more private sector jobs. A well thought out jobs bill would inject trillions of dollars into the economy overnight by: 
  • Zeroing out the corporate tax
  • Zeroing out the death tax
  • Zeroing out capital gains tax
  • Allowing businesses to write off capital expenditures
Businesses are the backbone of our economy and these tax cuts will enable them to grow again and to create jobs.

American families, business owners, and workers need opportunity and economic certainty.  The greatest economic engine in history is our Free Enterprise System. We must set it free to work again at maximum efficiency.

Will you help me fight to get government out of the way so we can create more American jobs?

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