Broun Endorsed by Gun Group, Launches "Liberty Machine" Giveaway

“There are few better Liberty Machines than an AR-15.”

GAINESVILLE, GA - Dr. Paul Broun, M.D., candidate for Georgia’s open Ninth District U.S. House seat, announced an endorsement from Gun Owners of America Friday and launched a gun giveaway sweepstakes to celebrate it, featuring a web video asking for email signups in exchange for a chance to win an AR-15 rifle.

“In uncertain times like these,” Broun says in the web ad, alluding to the society-wide crisis sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, “the right to defend yourself, your property, and your family couldn’t be more important.” 

Broun’s video may be popular in the very conservative rural district that covers Northeast Georgia, but it will likely vex gun-control advocates, especially those he rhetorically takes aim at from urban areas like Atlanta.

“Whether it’s looting hordes from Atlanta or a tyrannical government from Washington, there are few better liberty machines than an AR-15,” Broun says while gleefully brandishing one of the  semiautomatic rifles that have been a subject of intense national debate.  

A moving arrow graphic edited into the video points to the firearm, helpfully labelling it a “liberty machine” for any viewers who might otherwise have overlooked it.

“You see, the Marxists know that Americans will never submit to socialism and place government on the throne of our hearts without a big fight,” the outspokenly evangelical Broun says.  

A Marine veteran and family physician known for his house call practice, Broun previously represented Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District from 2007 until 2015, an area that includes 11 of the 20 counties that now comprise the Ninth District he now seeks to represent. While a congressman in 2012, Broun deployed to Afghanistan as a Naval Reserve medical officer to treat ill and injured soldiers and Marines. 

Known for his “bombastic style and unflinching ideology” according to Politico, Broun was considered “the most conservative Republican in federal office” by MSNBC and “the most conservative congressman in America” by Salon during his previous tenure. 

Broun had an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, and his campaign to return to Congress this year has been endorsed by the National Association for Gun Rights and the “no-compromise” Gun Owners of America (GOA). 

GOA Chairman Tim Macy released the following remarks in an email to supporters:

“Dr. Broun understands that the Second Amendment is vital to American liberty and the government cannot infringe upon this right. He knows gun rights make for a safer and freer America. He supports the expansion of concealed carry laws and opposes any attempts to take your gun rights away, whether it’s through “red flag” laws or national gun registry schemes.”

The campaign video features footage of Broun shooting the weapon to the sound of squealing pigs and concludes when Broun turns to the camera to give a hearty benediction of “God bless America!”

Broun will face eight others vying for the Republican nomination in the May 19 primary.
 Source: Paul Broun for Congress

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